New Bern Waterfront Park / Update 6/19

Here's is a new oil start of the New Bern waterfront,  Today I'll work on the right side and the flagpoles. I'll add a few figures on the walkway, finish the railing, and add some waterfowl on the water and on the beach. I want a small sailboat placed out by the bridge, too. This is a far better color representation but maybe displays a little more violet than it actually is.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

Here's my latest underway, a 12x24 inch oil of the Castle Hill Lighthouse. There's more to do, some foreground work and the fishing boat, some fussing here and there. I'm happy with it. What do you think?

Sakonnet Lighthouse

This is the Sakonnet Lighthouse as I imagine it looking from the south under heavy seas. It's a small pastel, ready to finish up soon.