2023 Grand Canyon oil in progress

From The Grand Canyon --a 40"x60" oil that is underway, advanced beyond this picture, looking good. This is fun for me to do, lots of challenges!

CIRCE INVIDIOSA after Waterhouse

A recent nocturne after the famous Waterhouse painting of Circe Invidiosa. This is a small oil, 12”x24”, and a piece I made for my buddy Paul, a former housemate. Paul mentioned this painting as a favorite and I considered copying it accurately, but I much prefer my nocturne. Paul likes it, too. 

New Bern Waterfront Park / Update 6/19

Here's is a new oil start of the New Bern waterfront,  Today I'll work on the right side and the flagpoles. I'll add a few figures on the walkway, finish the railing, and add some waterfowl on the water and on the beach. I want a small sailboat placed out by the bridge, too. This is a far better color representation but maybe displays a little more violet than it actually is.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

Here's my latest underway, a 12x24 inch oil of the Castle Hill Lighthouse. There's more to do, some foreground work and the fishing boat, some fussing here and there. I'm happy with it. What do you think?

Sakonnet Lighthouse

This is the Sakonnet Lighthouse as I imagine it looking from the south under heavy seas. It's a small pastel, ready to finish up soon.

The Bridge of Flowers

This is a new oil, an 8 x 10 on black canvas  of The Bridge of Flowers in Shelbourne Falls, Mass.

Rensselaerville Grist Mill

From an old photo I've created a nocturne of the first Rensselaerville, NY grist mill. It originally had a water wheel, as can be seen in this image. Also, the dam is visible and the first bridge, a "thimble" trussed bridge, and in the foreground is the roof of the old sawmill and timber piled up on the bank.

I'm drawn to mills lately, grist mills, wind mills, and sugar mills from The Caribbean. It must be the combination of old functional technology and the attractive nature of these buildings. 

I'll paint more of this mill, but this is my first one. I hope you like it.

this is a 12 X 16 oil on canvas, NA

Shady Spot

I found a shady spot enjoyed by several cattle. It's a small tree but casts enough of a shadow to offer confort on a hot day.

This is 12 X 9, oil on linen, with just a few additions to add when it dries a bit.

Beach at Oceanwind

This is a private beach in Newport, Rhode Island, a place I get to visit frequently. It's different every time, beautiful to observe as the sea and sky change. The beach is all stones, each polished and rounded from eons of washing and movement. It's not for sale, but a gift for a friend, and I just wanted to show it to you.

Beach at Oceanwind
acrylic on canvas, 12x24 inches

The Wreck at Beaver Tail Lighthouse

My latest painting of The Wreck at Beaver Tail Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a fun place to visit, especially on a day with high surf. It's at the south end of Jamestown, RI, at the west edge of the Newport Harbor entrance.

12x24 acrylic Unframed

Sachuest Point Park

Here is a finished view of Sachuest Point Park in Newport, RI. I'm happy with it! There's a bench near the southern tip of the park and trail, on the east side, so this view is as one would be looking to the northeast.

It's a lovely place to walk, and the rocky coast offers many interesting vistas. I'll be making many more oil paintings from this park, both plain aire and studio pieces. 

24" x 12", oil on canvas. SOLD