Purple Iris

Painted in my front studio from life last Spring, this pale purple iris was from our yard, I believe. I love these flowers and go out of my way on my walks with the dog to visit them as they bloom around the neighborhood. Our house has two honey bee hives up high in the front columns, so I feel a bit more connected to the neighborhood blossoms.

One of the things I love about iris is the way they curl and shrink as parts die down and new flowers come on. The co-mingling of new and old, the living and the dead, both on one green tubular stem is something to note. I wish they would last longer, but fortunately, where I live, there is almost always something beautiful to observe and appreciate. And at least I do notice these temporal gifts, even if I don't always get it on paper or canvas.

I will try today to step into some new painting project, but I am so close to finishing my Wilmington pastel --I may just devote all my time at the easel to that. I'll post it here as soon as I have it signed and can scan it.

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