Turning Dogwoods

My yard is changing fast --the leaves fading quickly! These dogwood leaves are now either red or on the ground. I painted them live last week, standing in the backyard of Sarahurst, the house we live it at Kinston. I don't remember a more beautiful year for our dogwoods --in the spring it seemed the blossoms were around for almost a month and remained nice looking shapes and great color for week after week. Now, at the end of the year they are continuing to show well with lots of red berries and great leaves. Against the blue sky the sight is arresting, as you probably know and can appreciate if you've been watching your own yard and neighborhoods for the changing colors.

Actually, it was the poison ivy leaves that I should have painted --they were a dark cadmium red and now, after a little rain, are all gone. Next year!

I'll try to capture these dogwoods once more before they are all gone.

These are both oil on linen, painted late October 2009 from life. The painting at the top is 5.25 wide X 5.75 high, and the one above is 5.75 wide x 5 high. Both are monogrammed JHA --no date visible. Will be sold as a set via Ebay Auctions.

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