Mother Earth

Last week's plein air paining event in Kinston was lots of  fun, although the timing was difficult with so much activity in the city with crews getting ready for the weekend festival.  I mentioned how noisy it was as I made my first pastel at the bridge (River Willows was the only item I offered for sale at the show) -well, painting on the downtown side of the river was even worse as the grass was getting cut, tents and tables were set up, etc., etc.  We experienced a range of weather, too, from a very cool day on Wednesday to a pretty warm afternoon on Friday and it was breezy all that time.  I had a couple of incidents that strong gusts blew over my panels and they fortunately landed with the wet side up!  I always tell people that the way to spot a real Monet is to look for dust, dirt and bugs in the paint.  As someone who mainly works inside and ventures outside in mostly fair weather, I can appreciate the work of others who persevere in the worst conditions to paint on location.

Here is Mother Earth Squared  --Mother Earth visiting Mother Earth --a 10" by 10" oil

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