Cold Sunset with Warm Light

One of a series of new 9 X 12 oils, this is a winter beach sunset.

SOLD (Thanks Ann!)


Any chance I get to see the water --I take it. Here was a view I gleaned on a breezy afternoon off of Ocean View.  This is a pastel at The Art Works in Norfolk.

The Hague in pastel

Another of the Hague, but a small pastel.  This image doesn't do it justice.  Available at The Art Works in Norfolk.

Norfolk --the Hague

Here are a couple of small canvases of an interesting view across water with steeples and trees. Its called The Hague, looking north from Hague Park across Smith Creek with Mowbray Arch on the right. You can see this crossing the bridge on West Brambleton Avenue between sections of downtown Norfolk.

Both are available at The Art Works on Bute Street.

Pastel Portrait

Here is my latest pastel of proprietor Anton Muraviov of The Art Works Gallery of Bute Street in Norfolk.


Rudee Morning

24 x 36 inch oil painting on linen  SOLD

This is a nice morning view of the Rudee Inlet Jetty, sans surfers, before the day got too far along.  As I was observing the waves, so were several guys on their phones calling in the troops.  When I returned later in the day there three dozen surfers enjoying the rough wave action. Seems there are several ways to enjoy our ocean. Now someone gets to enjoy this painting of mine, which was my pleasure to experience from start to finish. Thank you!

Rudee Afternoon

Rudee Afternoon --Surfing near Rudee Inlet one November afternoon
30 X 40 inch oil on canvas

I've several images completed of Rudee Inlet during a recent nor'easter. I've tamed the waves and added surfers after witnessing dozens of these brave souls with wet suits that afternoon and on subsequent days. This painting is at the Stravitz Gallery on Laskin Avenue for their Water Show

Rudee Nor'easter

9 x 12 inch oil on linen SOLD

One Sunday morning in early November I dropped off Antoinette at First Presbyterian at 7:30 and then I went down south to Rudee Inlet. It was raining so I waited a while but finally got out and saw the jetties and waves, and then later in the afternoon I came back and boy! --it was cranking! That was fun to see. Large waves crashing on the rocks is not something we have too often here. Of course, by the afternoon there were quite a few surfers out south of the inlet with nice action.