North Beach / Virginia Beach

This is the larger finished version of the smaller study below (which I love very much). At 24 by 36 inches this oil painting is a very pretty reminder of days gone by and days still to come --once this cold weather is gone for a while. 

Just a few more touches and it will be listed for sale here and then on display and sale at one of the Stravitz Galleries --it is in the Stravitz Laskin Avenue gallery now, framed with a complimentary simple but substantial gold frame.

Night Night Rudee

9 x 12 inch oil on on linen study for a new nocturne

As with the painting below, EVENING SURFERS, this is a nice little study ready for a few more touches when it is dry, and then when all finished I'll consider making a larger painting --maybe at 30 X 40. 

This is a winter harbor with not too much going on these days, but some people like it that way. I like it all seasons. At least this is one of the rhythms of the place.

Evening Surfers

9 x 12 inch oil on canvas study for a new nocturne

A rising moon at Virginia Beach competes with reflected light from the hotels and boardwalk, which sometimes presents a pretty pinkish peach hue on nearby low clouds and the immediate surf and foam.
I'm probably going to do a larger version of this complete with more surfers as observed with peculiar elliptical short waves near the jetty,

Ocean View Bay View

9 x 12 inch oil on linen panel, January 2015

The Ocean View area in the north of Norfolk, Virginia, has a pavilion where the city hosts Sunday night big band dances in the summer. Last year the wind was tough on a few summer nights of the dances. Here was a view noted looking out at the Chesapeake Bay.

North Beach Evening Study

9 x 12 inch oil on linen panel, January 2015

Here to the left side is the mouth of the channel which is the inlet to the Chesapeake Bay and Norfolk and Baltimore ports, etc. Soon after this moment, one of the Navy's aircraft carriers emerged into view heading out to sea. I may do another larger version of this study and include the carrier.