Sachuest Point Park / Start

This is an underpainting and a good start for a view at Sachuest Point Park in Newport, RI. See above for the more developed image. There's a bench near the southern tip of the park and trail, on the east side, so this view is as one would be looking to the northeast.

It's a lovely place to walk, and the rocky coast offers many interesting vistas. I'll be making many more oil paintings from this park, both plain aire and studio pieces. 

I plan to add a few more details to this one, but will keep the existing color scheme. I'll make another similar painting with more green and natural colors, but I love this fall looking contrast of orange and blues. Perhaps the trees and grasses would turn this color after a hurricane sprays saltwater. I've seen that kind of salt burn along the coastal vegetation in North Carolina after a bad storm. It takes a while, but returns to green in time. 

24" x 12", oil on canvas 
Call for the price. 

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