Welcome to my humble critique of a favorite artist hero, Claude Monet. I'm certainly going out on a limb here to offer my opinion of this great artist's work--am I out of my mind? Me critiquing Monet? Why me?

I am an active real live artist with many paintings treasured by my patrons. I dare to offer criticism and take a hard look at such a revered artist's works as all this is meant to be helpful for new artists and painters, and useful for anyone who appreciates art, especially impressionism. I'll get a few things off my chest, while clarifying what's next for me and my work. It's all good, I promise!

What's Behind at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

by Jack Anglin 36X48 inches / for sale

a fanciful scene on the grounds of the wonderful Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia.

The painting featured above is one of my most recent oils, Chloe Enjoying the Park, a fictional view of the very real place at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. There are some fascinating aspects about the place which I’ll comment on below.